Ciao, I’m Leo 🪨🔨

I’m a Data Analyst (/Scientist, you choose) working on Growth(= F(Product,Marketing)) Analytics in tech ventures.
Based in London, my heart and roots are in Bergamo, Italy.
Passionate about Tech Startups and Crypto, when I’m not crunching some data or exploring the Web3, I enjoy reading books, watching basketball and working out.

What I do:

  • Build a AI personal shopper let you generate an outfit and buy it from your favourite brands
  • Advise startups on the Modern Data Stack, Growth Analytics and Marketing Science.
  • Write. Check out my blog

Stuff I enjoy:

📚 Books
I read a lot of Non-Fiction, sometimes Fiction and Philosophy.
Check out my library on Oku
📈 Economics
I have a background in Economics and after my bachelor degree, I seriously considered going into the academic path to become an economist.
I enjoy Microeconomics topics such as Game-Theory, Prospect Theory, Principal-Agent Problem but Bitcoin and the blockchain made me love Macroeconomics as well.
In my job, I apply econometrics methods to growth analytics challenges (Marketing Mix Model, Regression-Discontinuity, Difference-in-Difference and Synthetic Controls)
🎙️ Podcasts
What I often listen to :
  • The All-In Podcast
  • Bankless
  • The Tim Ferris Show
  • Lex Fridman Podcast
  • The Huberman Lab
  • The Twenty Minute VC
🏀 Basketball
When I was a kid, I wanted to become a basketball player. Then, I almost became a pro coach in my university years.
Now I‘m just an Olimpia Milano die-hard fan but I still enjoy observing and discussing technical e tactical details of the game.
💊 Biohacking
I take care of my mind & body to live better and longer. Here is what I do:
  • Meditation: 10-15 minutes every day
  • Sleep: >7h is a non-negotiable
  • Workouts: 5 weight training sessions + 1 HIIT per week
  • Cold showers
  • Intermittent fasting (when I am not bulking)